• May 15, 2020

MAT223Assignment1课业解析题意:计算数学题解析:part2涉及知识点:矩阵,直线更多可加微信讨论微信号:IT_51zuoyejunpdfMAT223Due: Wed. September 25th, 2019Writing Assignment 1Name:Part 1 Your answer to this part should be entered/uploaded directly to Crowdmark.Rewrite the following informal statements precisely, using linear algebra vocabulary.a. You can get anywhere with ~u and ~v.
b. The lines ‘1 and ‘2 don’t cross.(PAR) Part 2 Prepare your response to this part on the PAR Worksheet. You will bring your writeup of this problemto class and will upload both your draft and a fnal version to Crowdmark after completing the PARprocess.Jack and Tammy are taking MAT223 and want to fnd the point of intersection between the lines‘1; ‘2 ⊆ R2, given in vector form byTo fnd the intersection, Jack sets both equations equal and does the following computation:Jack then announces that 0t = 1 has no solution, so the lines can’t intersect. Tammy says Jack musthave made a mistake somewhere because the lines aren’t parallel, so they have to cross.Explain to Jack and Tammy what is going on. In your explanation, be sure to mention whether ornot the lines cross, and to point out any errors in Jack’s or Tammy’s reasoning. Remember, Jack andTammy are MAT223 students, so explain to them using terms they would understand.Part 3 Your answer to this part should be entered/uploaded directly to Crowdmark.What type of thinking do you expect to do in MAT223? How is this type of thinking similar or differentto the types of thinking you might do in classes for other subjects? Please give some examples.