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1 COMP9103 Software Development in Java Assignment Semester1, 2020 Electronic Contact Book (ECB) Assignment Due in Week13 GENERAL DESCRIPTION This individual programming assignment worth 20% of the assessment of this course. In this individual assignment, you are going to develop a Java software application for electronic contact book (ECB). Its made up of two tasks: Task 1: Design stage: In this individual assignment, you are required to submit your class diagram design of the assignment. Your design should describe: all the classes needed, the fields and non-trivial methods of each class, the relationship of the classes. Task 2: Coding stage: In this individual assignment, you will create a Java software package to process the records in a phone book according to the given instructions/commands. Your Java software MUST provide ALL the following functionalities:  Read from TWO inputs files: phone book file and instruction file When the ECB system starts up, it assumes that an electronic phone book has the contact information as given in the phone book file, and it manages the contact records according to the instructions in the instruction file. o Phone book file contains contact information in a predefined format; o Instruction file lists instructions/commands to be performed on the records. The instructions/commands can be: “add”, “delete”, “query”, and “save”.  Add a record (a person’s contact details) to your phone book o For instance, the instruction add name Jo Bloggs; birthday 08-07-1980; phone 88884444; address 9001 Chester Crescent is supposed to add/update a record for a person with name “Jo Bloggs”, birthday 8/7/1980, phone number 88884444 and address “9001 Chester Crescent”. o Your ECB system checks whether this is an existing record:  if both person name and birthday are identical to those of an existing record in your phone book, the existing record will be updated with the new input information. E.g., update the items of address, email, and phone.  otherwise your system adds the new valid record to the list. 2 COMP9103 Software Development in Java Assignment Semester2, 2019  Delete record(s) from your list by name o For instance, the instruction delete Jeff Vader indicates deleting the record(s) with name “Jeff Vader” from the list. delete Jeff Vader ; 8-07-1980 indicates deleting the record with name “Jeff Vader” and birthday “08/07/1980” from the list.  Query the records by person name, birthday, or phone number. For instance, o query birthday 8-09-1991 o query name David Joans o query phone 9110110  Save the resulting data collection to output file(s) o Save the resulting data collection of the instructions of “add” and “delete” into the specified output file o Save the query results to a separate specified report file. When there are more than one “query” command, append the latest query results to the end of the report file. Separate the results of different query instructions using dash lines with query instructions. DATA FORMAT  Input phone book file has records as the following format: o Each record has information about a person. There may be 5 fields: 1. name in the form of a string of forename(s) and surname, all on one line; and the name cannot include numeric or punctuation characters 2. birthday in form of dd-mm-yyyy (leading zero in day or month may be omitted, i.e., both 05-04-2012 and 5-4-2013 are valid) 3. phone in the form of a sequence of digits. You must ignore any leading zeroes. 4. address in the form of a string that may span more than one line 5. e-mail which must be a valid e-mail address, e.g., a string with alphabetic, numeric and punctuation characters and an “at” (@) symbol inside and with no gaps, such as: [email protected] o name and birthday are compulsory and required for all records when they are read in from the phone book file. That is, you may have a person record with name, birthday and just e-mail address, or another record with all five fields. o Fields may occur in any order o Records are separated by blank line(s)  Output Format o The output file should have all the appropriate and valid records in it o The output records should follow a consistent format o Each field should fit on ONE line only o Again, records should be separated by single blank line. EXAMPLE:  “phonesample1.txt” is a sample input phone book file, with records as below: NOTE: If there are more than one query results, all the query results should be saved in ascending order of person name and birthday. 3 COMP9103 Software Development in Java Assignment Semester2, 2019 name Josephine Esmerelda Bloggs birthday 13-5-1980 phone 99887766 email [email protected] name Pac Man birthday 27-03-1992 email [email protected] address 27 New Street, Birmingham, NSW, Australia phone 000333998877  “instructsample1.txt” is a sample instruction file with a single instruction: Save  The output file is expected to contain the records as below: name Josephine Esmerelda Bloggs birthday 13-5-1980 phone 99887766 email [email protected] name Pac Man birthday 27-3-1992 phone 333998877 email [email protected] address 27 New Street, Birmingham, NSW, Australia IMPORTANT NOTES 1. Your code must make use of at least one collection e.g., ArrayList. 2. Your system must be able to handle both normal cases and difficult cases. 3. You MUST NOT build a graphical user interface. 4. You need to do systematic testing of the classes you create. 5. Do NOT hard-code the names for the input and output files. 6. Your program must run on the computers in your lab classes, and MUST be demonstrated during your laboratory class to your tutor in week 13. Absenting the demo will incur a penalty of 4 marks. If you miss the demonstration in week13 because of serious illness or misadventure, you should request Special Consideration using the appropriate forms within a week. 7. Recall that the University takes plagiarism very seriously, and it would be useful for you to review this policy here. YOUR SOFTWARE MUST  be put into the java project package with name “comp9103”  be invoked in the format: java comp9103.Comp phonebookfile instructionfile outputfile reportfile where Comp is the name for the main class, phonebookfile, instructionfile, outputfile, and reportfile are names of files that will change between runs of the program. Example: In the following example, java comp9103.Comp phonesample05.txt instructsample05.txt outputfile05.txt reportfile05.txt your software reads and parses contact information and corresponding instructions in phonesample05.txt and instructsample05.txt, executes the valid instruction(s) on the 4 COMP9103 Software Development in Java Assignment Semester2, 2019 contact record(s), and outputs all the resulting valid record(s) and query result(s) to outputfile05.txt and to reportfile05.txt respectively. Your software should also be able to accept absolute path as input arguments. For example: java comp9103.Comp d:\phonesample05.txt c:\instructsample05.txt d: \output\outputfile05.txt d:\output\reportfile05.txt MARKING SCHEME There are 4 parameters on which your submission will be marked: 1. Design [2 marks] 2. Prototype Demo [2 marks]: in week 13 3. Implementation and testing [14 marks]: at the final submission 4. Standard of coding [2 marks]: at the final submission. SUBMISSION Complete assignment  Late submissions will incur a penalty of 2 marks per day.  You must demonstrate your program to your tutor in your scheduled lab in week 13: o Your program (all the java source code), and o Documentation of your software design, e.g. UML diagram and description of your design.  You must ALSO upload a single .zip archive onto Canvas before the deadline. The .zip archive must be named with your login ID, e.g. if your login name is “abcd1234” then the archive must be called “”. It should contain: o Your program (all the java source code) in correct architecture, and o A description of the design of your progra
m with UML diagram.


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