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Question 1

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Question 1(a)An electric heater consumes 1.8 M]when connected to a 250 V supplyfor 30 minutes.Find the power rating of the heater and the current[2]taken from the supply.(b)The expression for the charge entering the upper terminals of Figure 1(b)is q=-+)e-at C.Find the maximum value of the current[4]entering the terminal if a 0.03679 s-1.+v2Figure 1 (b):An ideal basic circuit element.(c)A business uses two 3 kw fires for an average of 20 hours each per[3]week,and six 150 W lights for 30 hours each per week.If the cost ofelectricity is 20 pence per kWh,determine the weekly cost ofelectricity to the business.(d)A car battery rated at 120A-h has a potential difference across its[6]terminals of 12V.What is the total energy stored when it is fullycharged.For how long could the battery supply the car’s radio(10W)and the headlights (200W)in each case?What is the current drawn ineach case?



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