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Question 130 pts15CDMnBFWbagA777A standard construction crane is shown with the dimensions in m.The members ABC and DBE areconnected with the pinned joint at B and a rod CD.The following loading scenario is analysed:The forces F=11 kN and w=32 kN are at the distances a=20 m and b=9 m,respectively.Additionally,there is a moment M=(25cm)·F at point E.Include all handwritten solutions and diagrams.Show all your workings;final results without workingwill not receive marks.Q1 Determine the reaction in support A.Q2 Which members (ABC.DBE.CD)are zero-force members.two-force members or multi-forcemembers?Explain in your own words and complete sentences your choice for each member.Q3 Determine the loading in the rod CD.Is this rod in compression or tension?Explain in your ownwords and complete sentence.Q4 Determine the shear force and bending moment diagram along member ABC and label all points.Determine the distance b,which minimises the absolute maximum bending moment M alongmember ABC.Q5 Now assume the normal loading exerts a force of 10 kN on the rod.How many rods along CDwith a diameter d 2 cm and with allowed stress of 100 MPa are needed to carry this load.What isthe resulting factor of safety?Compute the elongation in mm(E 199 GPa)of the rod(s)with d =2cm.



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