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By December 22, 2020留学咨询

COMP3004A Final Exam Due date: December 21, 2020 at 9:00 pm Submission: a single pdf file via cuLearn Description: Please read and study the materials about the new architecture (RIBs) for Uber Driver app (called Carbon). Then answer the questions listed below by providing explanations for each and drawing diagrams when needed. The suggested assignment length is 3–4 pages of text plus additional pages for diagrams. You have 48 hours to submit the exam by 9:00 pm on December 21, 2020. Please include your name, student ID on the exam. Use “Question X” where X is the number of the question you are responding to when structuring your answers. Materials: 1. Article “Activity/Service as a Dependency: Rethinking Android Architecture for the Uber Driver App”: 2. Article “Architecting Uber’s New Driver App in RIBs”: 3. Article “Why We Decided to Rewrite Uber’s Driver App”: 4. RIBs cross-platform mobile architecture: 5. Additional materials on Carbon: Questions: 1. Identify three functional and three non-functional requirements of the Uber Driver app [15 points]. Suggest one additional non-functional requirement that has not been mentioned in the articles but you believe is beneficial. [5 points]. 2. Draw a use case diagram for a driver using the Uber Driver app. [15 points] 3. Describe the RIBs architecture as a new solution for Uber Driver app. You can add a diagram if needed. [20 points]. (Bonus) In your own words, explain the significance of having business logic independent of view trees? [3 points] 4. Explain why the company decided to re-write Uber Driver app (key reasons), i.e., how they justify the need for the new approach/architecture. [20 points] 5. Describe what you would do differently: how the current solution can be further improved? Or what other solution could be possible to overcome compromises made (as described in Article [1])? [20 points] 6. Identify two stakeholders, one direct and one indirect. How a data breach would affect each stake- holder? [5 points] (2% Bonus): Use of LaTeX in preparing your answers. A LaTeX template is available here: 欢迎咨询51作业君


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