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程序代写案例-CSCI 2500

By February 8, 2021留学咨询

CSCI 2500 — Computer Organization Homework 01 (document version 1.1) — Due 9 February 2021 Let’s get Matrix Multiplyin’ • This homework is due by the Midnight EST on the above date via a Submitty gradeable. • This homework is to be completed individually. Do not share your code with anyone else. • Homeworks are available approximately two weeks before they’re due. Plan to start each homework early. You can ask questions during office hours, in the Submitty forum, and during your lab session. For this assignment, you will write code for multiplication of two non-square matrices. The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience with C programming, with special emphasis on pointers, memory allocation, and I/O. For a tutorial on basic matrix multiplication (if you’ve forgotten), please goto the following: • Here you will read into memory two non-square (N ×M , M ×K) matrices of doubles, and output their matrix multiplication product. You’ll need to add functionality for: 1. Allocating space for each matrix in memory. 2. Reading the matrices into memory. 3. Printing the contents of each matrix. 4. Multiplying the matrices and storing the result. 5. Freeing the allocated memory space. See the code template (hw01.c) for more detailed notes on what code you’ll be adding and where you’ll be adding it. Also, see the template notes along with the given test inputs (test1.mat, test2.mat) and output (output.txt) for formatting expectations on inputs and outputs. In ad- dition, you’ll need to do error checking for several things. Listed below are the specific you’ll be checking for and the associated error messages you’ll be outputting (v1.1: just output these messages to STDOUT): 1. If you’re unable to open the input matrix file (e.g., because it doesn’t exist): • mm read: failed to open file. 2. If the input matrix file is empty: • mm read: failed to read from file. 3. If there are no row or column sizes in the input matrix file: • mm read: failed to read matrix dimensions. 4. If the matrix file doesn’t contain enough values: • mm read: failed to read matrix values. 5. If allocating space for a matrix fails, possibly from an invalid matrix dimension: • mm alloc: allocation failed. 6. If matrix multiplication is impossible because of a dimension mismatch between the two inputs: • mm matrix mult: dimension mismatch between matrices. If any of these errors are encountered, the program should immediately terminate. Note that for several of these possible errors, you won’t need to add any explicit program logic – e.g., if your first call to fgets() on a file returns NULL, you’re allowed to assume that means the file is empty. You don’t need to make an additional function call to explicitly check the file size. 1 Grading Criteria 1. Correctness: 60% • Computes and outputs result matrix correctly across 6 tests. 2. Error handling: 30% • Correctly checks for and outputs messages for the above 6 errors. 3. TA checks: 10% • Allocating and freeing is done correctly. No memory leaks. • All requirements are satisfied. No modifications to main. 2 欢迎咨询51作业君


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