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By January 31, 2021留学咨询

COMP S3155F Web Application Development and Organization (2021 spring term) Take-home Assignment Release date: 31 Jan 2021 Submission deadline: 3 Feb 2021 This project shows your technical skills to debug in web applications and basic Linux skills. Consider a scenario: 1. Prepare CentOS 8.2 and install on your web server. 2. You download and install the Question2Answers open-source platform on your web server. ( 3. You download and install the Question2Answer Plugins of the Elasticsearch searching function. 4. Show the difference on searching function between the Question2Answer Built- in searching function and the Plugins of the Elasticsearch function. Requirements: 1. During the above process, it involves a number of steps on the technical skill that have been covered in this project. 2. This project requires you to write a report that explains the above steps on how to install the platform and install the searching Plugins function in *detail*. 3. Your home’s web server’s real public address must be included/mentioned in your description, figures or screen captures. 4. After completed the parts of the technical skill, you also need to answer the below long questions. Long questions: 1. What is the searching algorithm for the Question2Answer Built-in searching function and benefits? (150 words or more) 2. What is the searching algorithm for the Elasticsearch searching function and benefits? (150 words or more) 3. Both of them have applied Natural language processing (NLP) on the searching function? Which NLP algorithm/ module? (300 words or more) Example: 4. What is the best algorithm for apply on the searching function? Explain the reasons? (300 words or more) Submission: • Submit your report and source information (e.g Code & Reference). • Demo video for setup configuration. Grading criteria: • Technical content 50% (whether the right skills have been covered and they are presented in detail) • Subject knowledge 40% (whether the explanation/description/writing demonstrates sound and thorough knowledge on the skillset) • Delivery Organization 10% (whether the information is presented in a logical, interesting sequence that the reader/audience can follow) Hints: Using figures, diagrams, Linux commands, examples can help to get a higher grade. Each student’s work will be graded by two teachers. 欢迎咨询51作业君


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