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程序代写案例-URBAN 5103-Assignment 1

By February 11, 2021留学咨询

Assignment 1 URBAN 5103 Transport Planning Methods 1. Download travel survey data and codebook from: surveys-spring-2014-household-survey a) Calculate total travel distance (find the distance variable from codebook) for each person (personID) and household (hhid) (save them as distance_person and distance_household, respectively; use a hhsurvey-trips file). Provide a summary statistics of total travel distance variable for person and household (Please remove all missing or unexpected data). b) Create new data (household) that includes household id, number of vehicles, household size, number of workers in household. Please remove all missing values (including prefer not to answer). Display summary statistics of all variables in the data except id. Find its dimensions. c) Display the data contained in the first 10 rows and in all columns except column 4. d) Merge new data (household) and total travel distance for household (distance_household). What is the correlation between total travel distance and household size? Draw a histogram of log (total travel distance). Order the data by total travel distance, smallest to largest. (for this problem, please google to find proper functions. You can also find a way to insert title and axis labels). 2. Please run a multiple linear regression of your own choosing. You can choose any dependent variable that you are interested in. a) Write your equation b) Provide a detailed explanation of your variable choice (i.e., independent variables) with the expected signs of these variables c) Test the validity of the model (F-test) and calculateR2. Explain the theoretical foundation of the test and R2 based on the formula d) Check the model assumptions 欢迎咨询51作业君


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