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莫纳什大学FIT2001Assignment3课业解析 题意: 为Health First系统设计UML类图和顺序图 解析: 第一部分要求针对Training program booking request和Find a Trainer设计初步划分对象类之后的静态类图并改进成最终设计类图,示例如下:针对Training program booking request功能设计初步划分对象类之后的顺序图并改进,示例如下: 第二部分要求使用合适的原型软件床架Health First系统原型并展示。 涉及知识点: 面向对象、类图、顺序图 更多可加微信讨论 微信号wanqcwanqcwanqc0219pdf
FIT2001 – Assignment 3: Sequence Diagrams & Design Class Diagrams ANDPresentation & Prototype1 of 3Due Dates:Assignment 3 – Sequence Diagrams &Design Class Diagrams AND Presentation &PrototypeDue: Friday, 18 October 2019, 5pmSelf and Peer Assessment 3 Due: Monday, 21 October 2019, 5pmIMPORTANT NOTE: Marks for individual group members may vary based on peerassessment, tutor observation and discussion with the group. All team members mustcomplete the self and peer assessment for the assignment. Failure to complete the peerassessment by the due date will result in a 0 for the assignment.Value:Assignment 3 is worth 20% of the marks allocated to the assignment component of the unit.Aims:This assignment will give you the opportunity to integrate and develop your analytical,modelling and communication skills. Specifically, it will help you: Enhance your ability in creating design models, specifically design class andsequence diagrams; Develop your modelling skills.Submission:Each team member must accept the digital coversheet on Moodle. Failure to do so will resultin your assignment not being submitted correctly, and thus not being marked.Please follow the below guidelines:- The final submission needs to be submitted once (by one member of the team) viaMoodle.- All team members are responsible for the final submission, and therefore every teammember should review the final uploaded version, prior to its final submission by theassignment deadline.- A single document (Microsoft Word document, or PDF) should contain the entiresubmission. This file should have a professional structure and layout. The differentsections and documents within should be labelled clearly.o If you want to attach the original files that were used in the above document,you may do so. Examples of these can include: the original diagram files,original files for the attached sub-sections, such as the meeting minutes, etc.Note: This does not mean that you can omit these sections from the mainsubmission document. For example, some teams would like to include these attachments togive the marker(s) more options for viewing the original models. Beaware, however, that markers may not have access to the program(s)you used to create your models. Hence the PDF is required.o In this case, there will be multiple files, therefore, they need to be put in asingle compressed folder (.ZIP or .RAR are accepted)- All diagrams must be prepared using the same software application, to ensure aconsistent, professional presentation.- The filename of the submission, should follow this format:FIT2001_Assignment [No]_Team[yourTeamID]_[OptionalTeamName].pdf (.zip, .rar,or .docx)FIT2001 – Assignment 3: Sequence Diagrams & Design Class Diagrams ANDPresentation & Prototype2 of 3o E.g. FIT2001_Assignment3_Team1_ABC.zipExtensions:Due to the assignment structure, late submissions will not be accepted, and solutions mightbe released soon after the due date. However, if there are extenuating circumstances,please contact your campus lecturer.Assignment Outline:This assignment requires you to further document your understanding of the requirementsfor the Health First system you have been working on for all your assignments.Further Information:An assignment discussion forum has been created and students are encouraged to postquestions about the assignment and the business to the forum. Please read the forumbefore posting your question, as your question may have already been answered. Please donot post answers for staff to review on the forum.NOTE: Staff will make every attempt to answer questions on the forum from Monday–Friday.Assessment Criteria:See separate document on Unit Website – Assignment 3 section.Assignment Requirements:This assignment will help you understand the business requirements of the Health Firstsystem.Based on the understanding and analysis you have conducted on the information gathered,using the Health First Detailed Description document and the associated samples, completethe following:1 – Sequence Diagrams & Design Class Diagrams (10%)1.1 – Sequence Diagrams (4%)Create a system sequence diagram, and a first-cut sequence diagram for the “Trainingprogram booking request” functionality for the Health First system. Then provide a final-cutsequence diagram based on the first-cut diagram.1.2 – Design Class Diagram (6%)Create a first-cut design class diagram showing only the classes involved in the “Trainingprogram booking request” and “Find a Trainer” functionality. Then, consistent with the otherparts of your model (e.g. sequence diagrams), provide a final-cut design class diagram.Please Note:1. The diagrams need to be formatted as per the submission requirements as specifiedin the submission section of this document. Please refer to the submission section forfurther details.2. (Optional) If you would like to include the earlier iterations of your diagrams, thosecan be attached as an appendix to the end of your submission.FIT2001 – Assignment 3: Sequence Diagrams & Design Class Diagrams ANDPresentation & Prototype3 of 33. All diagrams must be completed, reviewed, and revised by all team members. It mustbe prepared by all team members using the same software application and cannot behand-drawn2 – Prototype Development and Presentation (10%)This section requires your team to develop the user interface prototype (mock-up also knownas dummy) of a website desired by Jenny for the Health First context. Your team is requiredto perform the following tasks:2.1 Task 1: Create a mock-up prototype showing user interface only (i.e. not a workablesystem) of your team’s proposed website for the Health First context for end-users. Usea suitable prototype software to create mock-up prototype.2.2 Task 2: Present the mock-up prototype showing the user interface that your team hascompleted in Task 1, and orally present it (involving all members of your team*) to yourclient (i.e. tutor) in your Week 12** tutorial. Presentation time should not exceed 10minutes.* Oral presentation is a team effort. Non-attendance of a team member will attract 50%deduction penalty to that member’s individual mark for Assignment 3. Each team memberneeds to collaborate equally for presentation.** Assignment 3 Report needs submission on 18 October 2019 (Week 11) but the oralpresentation of the user interface is in Week 12 tutorial.)Teamwork Documentation:Note: This documentation will be used to help assess your teamwork, and may beused together with the Peer Assessment to moderate your group mark, if required.Trello is a task management app that gives you a visual overview of what is beingworked on and who is working on it. It is essential that you create a plan, and keep arecord of all your meetings. Trello can help you to facilities all team management.What to include in the final submissionAssignment 3 plan which must be indicated in the TrelloAgenda/Minutes for all meetingsPlease note: Team documentation should be considered with careful attention andshould be recorded on trello; it can serve an important role in and as evidence forteam organisation, communication, individual and team contribution and the teammanagement. (It is necessary that your tutor can access to your trello, please makean account for your tutor in Trello).Assumptions:Please note any assumptions you have made in the completion of the assignment to helpunderstand the perspective you have taken, the context of your models, and/or theperceived limitations for each section of your submission.  


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