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辅导案例-CMP-4011A-Assignment 1

By May 15, 2020留学咨询

School of Computing Sciences CMP-4011A-Web-based Programming 2019-2020 Assignment v.7.0 by Dr Jeannette Chin Module: CMP-4011A Web-based Programming Assignment 1: Design and development of web pages Date set: 1 September 2019 Value: 10% Date due: 28 October 2019 [week 6] Demos due: 29 & 31 October 2019 [week 6] Returned by: 29 & 31 October 2019 Submission: Blackboard Set by: Dr J. Chin ([email protected]) Checked by: Dr H. Gong & Dr Pam Mayhew Learning outcomes • Give students experience of using a range of web technologies including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and a high-level language. o Write and apply HTML5 mark-up appropriately o Create simple CSS rules • Understand the concepts and technologies underpinning the Internet and World Wide Web o Design static web pages with reasonably good usability and caters for accessibility o Use online project management system Specification Overview This is an individual assignment. The objectives of this assignment are to design and develop static webpages using HTML and CSS. Trello, an online project management system, will be used to document the work. The completed webpages (i.e. HTML and CSS code in a zip file) will be submitted to Blackboard, on or before Monday 28 October. This assignment will be assessed via a compulsory 10-minute demo (including Q&A), to be scheduled on Tuesday 29 & Thursday 31 October (week 6). For submission information refer to the “Deliverables” section. School of Computing Sciences CMP-4011A-Web-based Programming 2019-2020 Assignment v.7.0 by Dr Jeannette Chin Background Henry Porter is the owner of The Loch Inn, located in the Inverness, Scotland. The hotel offers a relaxing stay, with excellent dining facilities. The Loch Inn offers tours for travellers on vacation. For corporate stays, the inn provides facilities such as free WIFI, a wake-up call service, 24-hour dining, conference rooms, free laundry and pick up services. Henry would like a website that emphasizes the uniqueness of the location and accommodations. He would like the website to include a home page, a page about the facilities for vacationers and corporate bookings, a reservations page with a contact form and the standard rates at the inn. Your task is to design and develop static webpages for this website for Henry Porter to review. The website can contain videos and/or audio although it is not a requirement. The website design should take usability and accessibility into account. You are not allowed to use online tools to create this website. Make sure any photos, graphics and images used in this assignment are copyright-free. Website requirements: • The home page should be named “index.html”. The website should have no more than 5 pages. The use of HTML5 in all web pages: • HTML5 semantic mark-up should be used • All web pages should be validated The use of CSS3 in all web pages: • Should be implemented in an external file (named “style.css”) • All CSS files should be validated The functionality of the contact form will not be assessed in this assignment. Beyond this specification all other design decisions are your own – and marks will be awarded accordingly. You need to be able to justify your various design decisions. For example, you may wish to consider different layout, colour scheme or how text content or images are formatted and displayed etc. You should consider aspects of usability in your design of the user interface. Any decisions made must be documented on the Trello online project management system. School of Computing Sciences CMP-4011A-Web-based Programming 2019-2020 Assignment v.7.0 by Dr Jeannette Chin Trello online project documentation system Trello is an easy-to-use online project management system. All you need to do is to sign up, if you have not already done so, or sign in, create a new project (called board) called “Web- based Programming Assignment 1”. Make sure to invite me – Dr Jeannette Chin (email: [email protected]), and Dr Han Gong (email: [email protected]) to your project. You should record your work such as design process and tasks progression in Trello. Note: You may be penalised if we have not been provided an opportunity to review your project on Trello in a timely manner. Sketches/diagrams/pictures and notes of this assignment should be uploaded to Trello. In addition, if you observe any ambiguity in the specifications, you should record it in Trello along with any decisions and justifications you may have taken in response. Trello URL: A Trello tutorial guide is provided for you on Blackboard. Deliverables Test that the website works on PC Lab computers. • Electronic submission of code and a brief report to Blackboard by 28 October 2019, time: 15:00 o A zip archive containing all files (i.e. HTML and CSS files, and evidence of validation) must be submitted to Blackboard. The zip file should be named 10001234_WP_assignment_1 (where 10001234 is your student number). In addition to your code you should produce a PDF document detailing any special or advanced features of your site that you wish to highlight and any problems you might have encountered (you can make a link to Trello), to be included in the zip file. This document should not be a detailed description of work carried out and should be a maximum of one side of A4. Note: (1) Only .zip format is accepted, (2) failure to submit may result in receiving a penalty. • The use of Trello online project management system o When: week 6, Tuesday, 29th & Thursday 31st October o Dr Jeannette Chin (email: [email protected]) and Dr Han Gong (email: [email protected]) must be invited to your Trello system. • Compulsory demonstration: o When: week 6, Tuesday, 29th & Thursday 31st October o Time allowed: 5 minutes plus 5 minutes Q&A (exact time slot to be advised) o The demonstration should show your application includes the core features and highlight any advanced features that you have included and provide a brief walk-through your Trello project management system. You may be questioned on your code and will be asked to show that a randomly selected web page validates. School of Computing Sciences CMP-4011A-Web-based Programming 2019-2020 Assignment v.7.0 by Dr Jeannette Chin Relationship to formative assessment The assignment is based on the work you have carried out in the lab exercises. Resources Lecture notes and lab exercises from the module will be helpful in completing this assignment. Stack Overflow is a valuable resource, but you must not post questions there (or on any other similar forum) asking for help with this assignment. is a valuable reference point. Plagiarism Plagiarism is the copying or close paraphrasing of published or unpublished work, including the work of another student without the use of quotation marks and due acknowledgement. Plagiarism is regarded a serious offence by the University and all cases will be reported to the Board of Examiners. Work that contains even small fragments of plagiarised material will be penalised. School of Computing Sciences CMP-4011A-Web-based Programming 2019-2020 Assignment v.7.0 by Dr Jeannette Chin Marking Scheme and Rubric Website requirements implementation The file name of the home page should be “index.html”? 5% The website should have no more than 5 pages? 5% HTML5 semantic mark-ups have been used? 15% Evidence of HTML validation 10% CSS rules written in a file named “style.css”? 5% Evidence of CSS validation 10% 50% Page Layout, colour, Navigation & accessibility Does the style appeal to target audience? – 4% Consistent site header/logo? – 4% Consistent navigation area ?- 4% Page footer area includes copyright, last update, contact email? – 2% Good use of basic design principles, repetition, contrast, proximity and alignment? – 4% O
ther considerations (e.g. column layout, responsive/fluid layout etc) – 4% Colour scheme is consistent, looks good not too busy – 4% Background and text colours have sufficient contrast – 2% Each graphics/image used serves a clear purpose – 2% Fonts, font sizes and font colours re consistently used – 2% Appropriate white spaces – 2% Attributes designed to improve accessibility, such as alt and title, are used where appropriate – 4 % To assist screen readers, the spoken language of the page is indicated with the HTML element’s lang attribute -2% 40% Documentation on Trello and electronic submission Evidence of using Trello – 5% Code and brief report submitted? 5% 10%


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