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辅导案例-CSC72002-Assignment 2

By May 15, 2020留学咨询

1 CSC72002 Object Oriented Programming – Assignment 2 Weight: 40% of your final mark Due: 4th October 2019, 11:00 PM Specifications Your task is to complete various exercises in NetBeans, using the Java language, and to submit these via the MySCU link created for this purpose. Marking criteria includes: • Use of correct coding style, including the use of comments; • Accuracy of coding; • Use of suitable coding structures; • Correct submission and naming conventions of assessment items as required. Getting Help This assignment is to be completed individually. It is the opportunity to gain an understanding of the concepts of object-oriented programming and coding syntax. It is important that you master these concepts yourself. You are permitted to work from the examples in the study guide or textbook but you must acknowledge assistance from other textbooks or classmates. In particular, you must not use online material or help from others, as this would prevent you from mastering these concepts. Who can you get help from? Use this diagram to determine from whom you may seek help with your program. Encouraged Attribution Required Ask tutor Not acceptable Lecturer Tutors Online Forums Relatives Students outside unit Hired coders Classmates Private Tutors Other 2 Please Note for all parts of the assignment: • You cannot use the same examples that the Study guide uses. Examples taken from the study guide will result in no marks and may count as plagiarism. • Marks will be given for high cohesion. This means that you should not have all your code in the start method. Your program should make use of multiple methods, each with a distinct function. Part 1 – Shapes and Events Create a new JavaFX project called usernamePart1 in NetBeans. In my case, the project would be called rghanbarPart1. Using a GridPane: • Add at least 4 different shapes to your app (Every shape must have at least 1 event) • Demonstrate the use of at least 4 different Mouse events • Demonstrate the use of at least 2 different Key events • Demonstrate the use of at least 1 inner class • Demonstrate the use of at least 1 anonymous inner class • Demonstrate the use of at least 1 lambda expression • Demonstrate the use of setHgap, setVgap, setHalignment and setValignment • Ideally you should have a method for each shape Part 2 – Images and Animations Create a new JavaFX project called usernamePart2 in Netbeans. In my case, the project would be called rghanbarPart2. • Add an image as the background for your app using an ImageView object • Demonstrate the use of at least 3 methods of ImageView e.g. setFitHeight ( • Add a Polygon with at least 8 sides • Demonstrate the use of the PathTransition class using the polygon as the path and any shape as the node • Demonstrate the use of the FadeTransition class to fade the polygon in and out • Add a second shape (can be any shape) and set the fill to green • Demonstrate the use of the Timeline class to change the colour of the second shape every 1 second indefinitely e.g. green to yellow to green to yellow to green etc. 3 Part 3 – UI Controls and Collections Create a new JavaFX project called usernamePart3 in NetBeans. In my case the project would be called rghanbarPart3. For this part of the assignment you need to build an app that stores a collection of cars for a small car rental company (see attached class at the end of this assignment). Your app will allow the user (company’s staff) to enter data about a car. When the user is finished, the data will be written to a Car object and then the Car object will be added to a LinkedList. The user can then enter data for a new car and repeat the process. Your app will need the following UI controls that will be mapped to instance variables in the Car class provided at the end of this document: • Text field for the car make • Text field for the car model • Slider for the year (car production year e.g. 2019) • Radio buttons for the transmission type (Automatic and Manual) • A combo box for car’s body type (SUV, Sedan, Hatch, and Ute) • A list view for the following four types of insurance coverage provided to the customer: ▪ Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) ▪ Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP) ▪ Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) ▪ Personal Effects Coverage (PEC) • Check boxes for some extra options that the car might have (e.g. rear-view camera, GPS or satellite navigation, extra airbags, extra tinting) Once a user has entered the data for a car, your app needs to do the following: • Write the data from the UI to a Car object (use the attached class at the end of this assignment) • Add the Car object to a LinkedList that will store all cars entered by the user • Reset the UI controls so the user can enter a new car One way to do this would be to have the following (you do not have to do it this way): • A “New Car” button that resets the UI controls • An “Add Car” button that creates a new instance of the car, sets the cars instance variables (via the mutator methods) using the values from the UI controls and then adds the car to the LinkedList PLEASE NOTE: • You CANNOT modify the attached Car class 4 Part 4 – Parallel Programming Create a new Java project called usernamePart4 in NetBeans. In my case the project would be called rghanbarPart4. Write a program that uses 4 threads to print out 4 car makes (Toyota, Hyundai, Jeep, Audi) in the console, in parallel, 20 times each make. NOTE: you will not receive any marks if your program does not use threads. • Use two different ways to create the threads: by using the Thread class, and by using the Runnable interface • Set different priority to each thread (maximum, normal, minimum) • Write the code to put the threads to sleep for 100 milliseconds each time a care make is printed to the console Use of thread pools: • Create a fixed thread pool that returns a thread pool with a maximum of 3 threads • Write the code to shut down the fixed thread pool after current tasks are complete and return TRUE when shutdown is complete • Create a cached thread pool that returns a thread pool that creates new threads as required • Write the code to shut down the cached thread pool immediately and return TRUE if all tasks in the cached thread pool have been terminated Avoiding data corruptions • Assume that there is a possibility of data corruption in this program (data corruption may not happen in this program). Write the necessary code to your methods to allow only one thread can execute the code block at one time so that data corruption is prevented. In order to do so, use both thread Synchronisation and explicit lock object techniques separately. Submission You should now have 4 NetBeans projects. You must zip the projects into one zip file called For example, mine would be Submit this file via the Assignment 2 link on MySCU by the due date. Please leave enough time for it to upload, so do not submit at the last minute! 5 Car Class Use the following class for your Car in Part 3: public class Car { // text field private String make; // text field private String model; // slider private Integer year; // radio buttons private String transmission; // combo box private String bodyType; // list view private HashSet insurance = new HashSet(); // check boxes private HashSet extraOptions = new HashSet(); public Car() { } public String getMake() { return make; } public void setMake(String make) { this.make = make; } public String getModel() { return model; } public void setModel(String model) { thi
s.model = model; } public Integer getYear() { return year; } public void setYear(Integer year) { this.year = year; } public String transmission() { return transmission; } public void setTransmission(String transmission) { this.transmission = transmission; } public String getBodyType() { return bodyType; } public void setBodyType(String bodyType) { this.bodyType = bodyType; } public HashSet getInsurance () { return insurance; } 6 public void setInsurance (HashSet insurance) { = insurance; } public HashSet getExtraOptions () { return extraOptions; } public void setExtraOptions (HashSet extraOptions) { this.extraOptions = extraOptions; } }


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