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辅导案例-CSE 224

By May 15, 2020留学咨询

CSE 224 – Fall 2019 – Projects Project 1: Build a web server ● PA1 description and overview ● PA1 “TritonHTTP” specification ● Julia Evans​’ HTTP tutorial “zine” ○ Note: Evans’ work is usually ​available for $12/copy​. Thanks to a generous gift from Facebook, we’ve been able to buy copies for everyone in the class. So your copy is free. However, please do not publish, share, or otherwise make this PDF available to anyone outside of the class. If you know people who want a copy, direct them to the link above so they can buy their own copy. Thanks! ○ To access your licensed copy ​(only for students in the class), please log into TritonEd ​and access it under the “content” tab. ● Starter code is coming soon Project 2: A distributed “SurfStore” cloud storage service Project 3: A fault-tolerant, distributed “SurfStore” cloud storage service


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