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By May 15, 2020留学咨询

ELEC5619 Implementation, Demo, and Documentation Marking Schema & Template 2019 Implementation, Demo, and Documentation Marking Schema (40 marks) Section Expected Marks Spring At least implement one controller, one DAO 5 Quality Practices Unit test for: Controller, DAO (Service), and Domain (at least two) 5 Presentation Layer Example: Bootstrap, React, jQuery, etc. 5 Internal or external API Consume any external/internal API (RESTFUL API) 3 Provide any internal API for other team members 2 Design Pattern MVC 3 Factory pattern 2 Overall Quality Individual Quality 3 Group Quality 2 Presentation 3-minutes Presentation 5 Documentation Wiki/Read me 5 Please note: Q&A randomly cuts across all the sections. Please consider all the teaching materials in this unit for the Q&A.


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