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FIT2001 – Assignment 2: System Overview, User Stories, Use Case Diagram, Domain Class Diagram and Activity Diagrams 1 Due Dates: Assignment 2: System Overview, User Stories, Use Case Diagram, Domain Class Diagram and Activity Diagrams Due: Friday 27 September 2019, 5pm Self and Peer Assessment 2 Due: Monday 30 September 2019, 5pm IMPORTATNT NOTE: Marks for individual group members may vary based on peer assessment, tutor observation and discussion with the group. All team members must complete the self and peer assessment for the assignment. Failure to complete the peer assessment by the due date will result in a 0 for the assignment. Value: Assignment 2 is worth 20% of the marks allocated to the assignment component of the unit. Marks for each component below are shown as part of this 20%. Aims: This assignment will give you the opportunity to integrate and develop your analytical, modelling and communication skills. Specifically, it will help you: ● Identify and describe user requirements for a system accurately using user stories, use case diagram, domain class diagram and activity diagrams; ● Develop your modeling/documentation skills. Submission: Each team member must accept the digital coversheet on Moodle. Failure to do so will result in your assignment not being submitted correctly, and thus not being marked. Please follow the following guidelines:  The assignment should only be submitted once (by one member of the team) via Moodle.  All team members are responsible for the final submission, and therefore every team member should review the final version, prior to its submission.  A single file (Microsoft Word document, or PDF) should contain the entire submission. This file should have a professional structure and layout. The different sections and documents within should be labelled clearly (especially if it needs to include multiple/separate sub-documents).  If you are also required to include the original files, diagrams, sections etc., you may do so. This will not replace the abovementioned file, even if it is a duplicate of a particular section.  In the case that there are multiple files, all files need to be put in a single compressed folder (.ZIP or .RAR are accepted)  The file name of the submission, should follow this format: FIT2001_Assignment[No]_ Team[yourTeamID]_[OptionalTeamName].pdf (.zip, .rar, or .docx) o e.g. Extensions: Due to the assignment structure late submissions will not be accepted, as solutions may be released straight after the due date if they are relevant to the next Assignment. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, please contact your campus lecturer. Assignment outline: FIT2001 – Assignment 2: System Overview, User Stories, Use Case Diagram, Domain Class Diagram and Activity Diagrams 2 You have been given the task of developing an information system for ‘Health First’, a company that offers fitness solutions mainly covering Physical Exercise (PE) programs, Hydrotherapy and Yoga. This assignment requires you to document your understanding of the requirements for the Health First system as detailed in the Assignment requirements section. Assessment criteria A detailed marking scheme will be available in the Assignments section on Moodle. Further information: An assignment discussion forum will be created on Moodle. Students are encouraged to post questions about the assignment and the business to the forum. Please read the forum before posting your question, as your question may have already been answered. Please do not post answers for staff to review on the forum. Assignment requirements This assignment will help you understand the business requirements of the Health First system. Refer to Appendix A, which contains a letter from the management providing the instructions for the work that you are required to do in the completion of this assignment. Based on the understanding and analysis you have conducted on the information gathered, using the Health First Detailed Description document and any associated samples, complete the requirements below. Please note:  The diagrams need to be formatted as per the submission requirements as specified in the submission section of this document. Please refer to the submission section for further details.  (Optional) If you would like to include the earlier iterations of your diagrams, those can be attached as an appendix to the end of your submission. 1. System Overview (4%) Write a system overview to provide a brief summary of the business, the background, rationale for the project, and the system capabilities and benefits. It is made up of the following sections: Project description This section will provide some background about the client and a brief history of the circumstances leading up to the project. It should state the reasons why the client wants the system built or modified. It should be stated in a way that makes clear the nature of the information needs and/or problems that the system is to address. This section should not be a copy of the documentation already provided to you. Instead, it should focus on the thorough understanding that you and your team have established after analysing the documentation. System capabilities FIT2001 – Assignment 2: System Overview, User Stories, Use Case Diagram, Domain Class Diagram and Activity Diagrams 3 This section lists the main functional and non-functional requirements of the future system. An attempt needs to be made to clarify the main requirements, which in turn will enable the team to prioritise and understand each of these capabilities in the upcoming phases. Business benefits This section lists the primary benefits or outcomes that the project is intended to achieve. There may also be incidental benefits that can also be listed. Sometimes, benefits can be expressed in terms of what might be expected if the project is not undertaken. This section can make an argument about why the proposed should go ahead, or even perhaps why it should not. 2. User Stories (4%) Create NINE (09) User Stories and associated ‘conditions of satisfaction’ (acceptance criteria) for the functional areas listed in the detailed project description. 3. Use Case Diagram (4%) Create a single complete Use Case diagram for the functional areas listed in the detailed project description. Please note any assumptions you have made. 4. Domain Class Diagram (4%) Create a single complete Domain Class Diagram for the functional areas listed in the detailed project description. The diagram should include all relevant domain classes, show their attributes, associations, and association multiplicities. 5. Activity Diagrams (4%) Create two activity diagrams for below business processes demonstrating how the new system will perform these functions (You need to consider possible exception scenarios):  Training program booking confirmation  Register a New Trainer Teamwork documentation Note: This documentation will be used to help assess your teamwork, and may be used together with the Peer Assessment to moderate your group mark, if required. Trello is a task management app that gives you a visual overview of what is being worked on and who is working on it. It is essential that you create a plan, and keep a record of all your meetings. Trello can help you to facilities all team management. What to include in the final submission · Assignment 2 plan which must be indicated in the trello · Agenda/Minutes for all meetings FIT2001 – Assignment 2: System Overview, User Stories, Use Case Diagram, Domain Class Diagram and Activity Diagrams 4 Please note: Team documentation should be considered with careful attention and should be recorded on trello; it can serve an important role in and as evidence for team organisation, communication, individual and team contribution and the team management. (It is necessary that your tutor can access to your trello, please make an account for your tutor in Trello) Assumptions Please note any assumptions you have made in the completion of t
he assignment to help understand the perspective you have taken, the context of your models, and/or the perceived limitations for each section of your submission. Report Presentation Please refer to the Faculty Style Guide for assistance with Assignment Planning, Report Writing & Working in a team: Appendix A: Management’s Instructions Dear Team Member, Now that you have had a chance to meet with our new client and have familiarised yourself with this project, we would like to assign your team to analyse the information that you have gathered so far in the project file “Health First Detailed Description”. You are to provide a document that contains the following:  A well laid out system overview, in which you are to provide a summarised overview of what is currently taking place at Health First. Keep this document brief and clear, it should not be any longer than 1 or 2 pages. Highlight the main business processes that are in place.  1. Provide a brief assessment of the business processes and, if relevant, provide any suggestions you may have for improvements for incorporation into the new system. 2. Identify any difficulties that you predict we may encounter in developing their processes. 3. Identify all capabilities that you would recommend that would need to be included in the future system, in order of priority. This can be in form of a list and you can optionally specify whether each item is a functional or non- functional requirement. 4. Identify the business benefits the future system would have for Health First. We will use this information to communicate with the client, therefore you need to make sure it is of high substance. 5. Do not copy and paste from the project’s detailed description file verbatim, as your work will be communicated back to the client.  We would like to establish a clear understanding of the client’s requirements. Based on the information you have gathered so far, the primary functions of the business FIT2001 – Assignment 2: System Overview, User Stories, Use Case Diagram, Domain Class Diagram and Activity Diagrams 5 need to be analysed, so that we can capture exactly what our proposed system would do for our client. Your team needs to look into: 1. How members can find a trainer that meets their criteria 2. How members can find a training program 3. How a member can request a lesson 4. How a lesson request can be confirmed 5. How Health First register new members 6. How Health First register new trainers, and manage information about their trainers.  The following items are necessary: 1. Create quality User Stories for the new system covering the most important requirements for each of the abovementioned functional areas. The quality of acceptance criteria is very important. Comprehensive lists are needed, which can be used to check if the user goals are met when these functionalities are developed. 2. The Use Case Diagram should demonstrate all essential functional cases (include the different user perspectives, such as the staff and customers, where appropriate; however, make it clear and simple enough so that it can be used in the follow-up communications with the clients). 3. Create a single complete Domain Class Diagram for the abovementioned functional areas. 4. You are also to cover the below items in separate activity diagrams. Analyse and review these processes with your team until there is a clear picture on what would be the best solution. o The process of confirming a Training program booking request made through the website. It should include member, staff (if applicable) and system activities to capture and process the confirmation, as well as handling payments. o The process of a trainer registering with Health First, from the initial inquiry through to approval. Detailed records of all team members’ contributions are to be kept. We will use this information to calculate the billable hours. Regards, Management


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