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FIT2092 Interactive Media Studio 2 Monash University Information Technology Semester 2, 2018 1 Assignment 2 – Web page with CSS and JavaScript Continue working on your ideas from Assignment 1 to develop a website for the client brief. If necessary, you may make changes to any plans that you originally documented in the first assignment. However, all changes and reasoning for the changes should be documented. The website must be a single long-scrolling page containing at least 5 full-window sections (additional sections may be of any size). Your site must implement all of the following features, with each page section using at least 1 feature in a unique way: • CSS animations • JavaScript interactivity • Audio/video media New requirement: Your site must also include a web form. The form does not need to store or send any submitted information. However, the form must make use of JavaScript to check values that a user has entered into the form and provide feedback based on those values. For example, a form could be used for: • Newsletter signup • Quiz questions • Site feedback • Contact form The website must be tested using Google Chrome. Page layouts should scale correctly to fit desktop and tablet screens with the following screen resolutions in landscape orientation: • Small: 1024 x 768 pixels • Medium: 1366 x 768 pixels • Large: 1920 x 1080 pixels The website layout does not need to work on mobile phones. The website should also be performant, being well optimised for reasonable loading times and acceptable performance when viewing and interacting with page content. Downloaded Media and Referencing Refer to the client brief for a list of approved sites for downloaded media assets. Unauthorised use of other media assets or lack of referencing will be penalised. • All text content in the site should be your own original work. • All downloaded media assets must be referenced. • Webfonts (such as Google Fonts) must be referenced • All third-party code must be referenced. This includes: o Third-party code files that you have downloaded or linked to (e.g. jQuery) o Code from online examples that you have modified (e.g. Codepen, StackOverflow) o Code from online tutorials (e.g. All downloaded media must be creatively modified for use in this assignment. FIT2092 Interactive Media Studio 2 Monash University Information Technology Semester 2, 2018 2 Deliverables 1. Your completed website • 1 website consisting of: o 1 HTML document o CSS, JavaScript, media and other files appropriately organised using sub-folders o Tested using Google Chrome on desktop • All media content must be appropriately optimised o All image content compressed in an appropriate format and resolution o All audio/video content encoded at sensible resolutions and file sizes 2. Supporting documentation Your submission must include documentation in the form of a single PDF document. This document should contain: • A list of changes made (if any) compared to plans described in Assignment 1 • References for all non-original assets used, including media files, third-party code and fonts o A short 1 sentence description of where the resource is used in the site o For all downloaded media, indicate the type of copyright license o Provide the URL where the resource was originally sourced from • References for any online tutorials used Marking Criteria (20 marks) • Execution of consistent visual branding design (3 marks) o A professional visual brand and suitable for the topic and target demographic. • Application of media assets and content (4 marks) o Creative execution of site content and applying a variety of media assets. • Application of web animation techniques (4 marks) o Implementation of a variety of different animation techniques. • Application of JavaScript interactivity (4 marks) o Complexity and application of researched and original JavaScript code. • Website optimisation and compatibility (3 marks) o Asset optimisation and layout display at various screen sizes • Supporting documentation (2 marks) o Planning changes and appropriate referencing Maximum file size: 100MB Weighting: 20% Due: Friday Week 9 at 5:00pm


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