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Consider the following project scheduling

By June 25, 2021November 23rd, 2021essay代写, 留学咨询

Consider the following project scheduling problem: ImmediateTime (days)Cost ( Activity Predecessor Normal Crash Normal CrashA052205201410240300B1714250370dbc2116245280B,C107120138D1610220280 a)Using only the Normal Times, determine the Earliest Start and Earliest Finish times of each activity! ES EFABCDEF FIN b)Suppose that a 58 day completion is desired. Give the maximum crash times and marginal costs for each activity!M Max Crash Marg. CostABCDEFD eterm he how much shall each activity be crashed to attain minimal cost! CrashABCDEF)With the same desired completion time, what is the minimum cost of crashing (the total amount spent only on crashing) if only at most two activities are allowed to be crashed by any amount of time?$



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