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PHD 推荐信样本 (PHD referral letter template)

By November 30, 2021留学咨询

Professor’s Name

Columbia University – School of Social Work

1255 Amsterdam Ave

New York, NY 10027

November 29, 2021

Recipient Name


Company Name

Street Address

City, ST ZIP Code

Dear Recipient Name:

The above-named individual has been my student under the M.A in Social Work program. More specifically, I was his/her instructor for the Research Methods and Policy Practice course unit.

(Insert name) is a brilliant, organized, disciplined and outgoing scholar with the ability to pursue advanced graduate studies in social work.

On the account of having studies the Research Methods and Policy Practice course, (insert name) has the intellectual capacity to pursue a PhD in social work.

As such, he/she has the following attributes which are instrumental in pursuing higher scholarly interests: critical evaluation of research evidence, well equipped with the scientific analytic approach to conduct evidence-based research, great understanding and logical application of the process of scientific inquiry, a deeper understanding of different word views of social issues, high ability to apply descriptive and multivariate statistical methods, and a great sense of interpreting and communicating research outcomes.

To prove his/her impeccable research skills among other attributes mentioned above, (insert name) wrote one of the best research papers while undertaking Research Methods and Policy Practice.

The research paper is titled, “The association between immigration status and children’s health insurance coverage and access to care”. The paper demonstrates a great understanding of the social issues, from simple to complex ones, a high mastery of facts and a high ability to synthesize information.

While pursuing his/her M.A in Social Work at the School of Social Work – Columbia University, (insert name) went an extra mile to apply the knowledge and skills acquired by working as a Research Assistant at the United Nations. He/she specifically supported data review, analysis, and reporting and mapping about the Youth 2030 program. This gives him/her a head start in understanding the application of research methods and policy practice in the real world. In essence, this strategically positions him/her as an ideal candidate for a PhD in Social Work.

If you would like additional information about (insert name), you can email me at (insert email).


Professor’s Name



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